The Hauthaler Family

Passionate hosts

By now, six generations of the Hauthaler Family have already been running our family-owned hotel. We and our team put much importance on merits like cordiality and openness. Because we want our guests to feel perfectly fine here and be able to fully focus on their holidays or their business meetings. Laschenskyhof is our home – and it should also be a place where our guests and employees feel great at.

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The family roots of the Laschenskyhof are still clearly noticeable in the quality. Matthias and Elisabeth Hauthaler run the nearby Laschenskygut with heart and soul. Many natural products are delivered fresh from the Laschenskygut and the surrounding fields.

Laschensky’s In-House Butchery

We are proud that the meat from our farm is processed in our own farm butchery and that high-quality g’schmackige Würstel are also produced.

Organic Farm Huber am Haunsberg

The high quality of our organic beef is also ensured by our own fattening of calves at the organic farm “Huber” in Haunsberg. This farm is also run by family members.

Rooted Vision

A business with impressive tradition

The chronicles of the Hauthaler Family date back until 1465. In 1566, they were first mentioned in a document. The fact that hospitableness has always been particularly important to this family also shows in their family crest with its open gates and Maltese crosses.


Georg Laschensky moved to the place today known as Wals. He built the farmstead and several auxiliary buildings. The nearby moor he used to cut peat, the available clay was used to make bricks from.


Josef Hauthaler and his wife Katharina bought Laschenskyhof at the stiff price of 7,650 guilders. Their purchase was the foundation of the still existing hotel and gastronomy business.


Commencement of the construction works for the new guest-house. With much passion for detail, Marianne and Matthias Hauthaler built up Laschenskyhof. The hotel opened on Mother’s Day in 1974.


The hotel was once again extended by the guest-house at Lindenallee and the newly built sauna area. In 2011, the kitchen was adapted to meet modern requirements.


In spring 2019, the luxury annex to Laschenskyhof was opened. Next to rooms and seminar facilities, it also comprises a spacious spa with pool. Always in tune with the times, Laschenskyhof is now run by already the sixth generation.


Because we mind our environment

We love our homeland and want our children and grandchildren to be able to enjoy it as much as we do. That’s why we rely on environmentally friendly technologies: Laschenskyhof has already been producing its own energy since 1993. Thanks to our wood chip heating system and biogas plant our guests will always be comfortably warm.

Local origin is also an important factor when we select our suppliers: this enables us to ensure top quality and perfect freshness!



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